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Runs from Wednesday June 22 2016 to Sunday July 17 2016

Approximate running time: 2 hours


Schubert Theatre
2755 Station Ave
Center Valley PA 18034

Production Notes


By William Shakespeare
Directed by Patrick Mulcahy
June 22 - July 17

Honor and treachery, idealism and corruption, intimacy and enmity collide
in one of the signature events in human history. The Ides of March have come…
but not gone. When Caesar returns in triumph after defeating his rival, Brutus
and Cassius see assassinationas the only path to protect Roman liberty from
Caesar’s perceived imperial aspirations. But in the aftermath, Antony and
Octavius see equal danger in the conspirators’ aims and they“let slip the
dogs of war.” Shakespeare delivers some of his most eloquent language
as he explores the shifting tides in the affairs of men.

Recommended for ages 10+.

Please be advised that groups (ten tickets or more) are not available online.
To purchase group tickets, please call the box office at 610-282-WILL (9455)

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